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Church Serves the Camp

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Living Water Christian Camp was privileged to have a men's group from Bethel Baptist Church in Salem, Oregon to do a sundry of projects at camp. 

Mike Bernard, a former member of our church who moved to Oregon in 2014, led this group back east for this Men For Missions trip.  Mike was the MFM leader at Tabernacle Baptist for many years and led our church men on many missions trips around the United States and one to South America.

Some of the projects they did was staining the log cabins and building new steps to the log cabin porches.  They also did some landscaping work around the cabins and church.  They pressure washed our outdoor basketball courts, stained the Human Foosball facility and even took down a rotten red oak that was full of yellow jackets.

We had great fellowship with these men through the week and enjoyed having them at our own Men For Missions cookout on Saturday, September 21 and in our Sunday morning Missions Conference service on September 22.

If your church or youth group is ever interested in a short-term missions trip to LWCC, please contact us and we will be glad to accommodate you if we can.

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