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Rental Policies

We (our church or school) agree to the following requirements set forth by Living Water Christian Camp for our group to attend camp. 

  1. We agree or will hold to the doctrinal statement of Tabernacle Baptist Church, the parent church of LWCC. (

  2. LWCC asks that all groups, in their worship services, maintain a biblical philosophy to “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”. We ask that no outside musical instruments be brought in that would incorporate a heavy rhythm style of music (i.e. drums) 

  3. Any practices associated with the charismatic movement (speaking in tongues, healings, etc.) is strictly forbidden at LWCC based on the proper interpretation of I Corinthians 13-14. 

  4. We ask that all persons in any group at LWCC read and follow all of the policies written on our camp signs around the campsite. 

  5. We ask that modesty in dress be practiced by all campers. Please wear shorts no shorter than to the top of the kneecap. No plunging or low necklines on girls. Jeans should be loose-fitting. No yoga pants. Swimsuits for girls should cover the mid-riff. 

  6. Do not bring fireworks, tobacco products, alcohol, improper reading material, clothing that advertises worldly attractions, firearms, non-prescription drugs, poker cards. 

  7. Agreed payment for campers is expected upon arrival and any other expenses that occur throughout the week must be paid before departure. 

  8. LWCC maintains the right to ask any group/person to leave the campsite if they do not comply to the rules and policies set forth by LWCC. 

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